Islamic banking is an extending sector in the Saudi Arabia banking industry.  It is a system of banking, agreeing  with the principles of Islamic law (Shari’ah).  It forbids usury, the collecting  and charging  of interest and trading in financial risk.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest actor  in terms of pool of funds in the international  Islamic finance market.  Saudi Arabia appeared as the largest market for Islamic banking in the GCC, with a total resource  of fully-equipped Islamic banks reckoning for nearly  27.4 % of the district’s  total Islamic banking.

Sukuk (Islamic bonds) are getting favor in Saudi Arabia because of their risk-free quality  and are awaited to prosper  further in the future.  Even in recessionary times, Sukuk produced firmness  to Saudi banking sector.  Some of the vital  factors behind the development of the Islamic banking in the area  are strong government involvement, growing demand for Islamic products, and the access  of innumerable  new actors among others.

The current  report, titled as  “Saudi Arabia Banking Sector Outlook 2015”, spread across 60 pages examines the macroeconomic factors crucial to the banking industry  together  with their effect on the sector.  The report also identifies vital  players in the market and comprises their detailed  trade  characterization.  Moreover, historical analysis of their accomplishments  is also undertaken on the base of key financial proportions.  Substructural development of ATMs, POS terminals, and branches of top 10 banks is thoroughly been covered.  Besides, the report sheds light on the appearing industry trends, which are awaited to decide the future of the Kingdom’s banking sector.  Estimate  for key banking elements, such as loans, deposits etc. have been also introduced  in the report to empower  a better concept  of the Saudi Arabian banking industry.


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