What is the relationship between Islam, democracy, and civil society?  This is the question which provides  the subject of this dissertation, Its aim, more particularly, is to search  the place of Islam in the modern world-a world which contemporary authors progressively try to understand by raising the concepts of democracy and civil society.  However,  the occasion for this victimization has a more exact  origin still.  The matter  of the place of Islam in the modern world is raised, more often than not, by authors and reviewers for whom Islam is, above all, a danger.   In geo-political terms;  it is a danger to the West.   In world-historical terms; it is a danger to modernity.   And in philosophical terms; it is a danger to democracy.  For many, then, Islam stands in a relationship of tension with-if not complete hostility  to-democracy and modernity.  It is a religion, and a philosophy, which is a regression  to the middle ages, and a barrier  to human progress.  It is, in the end, inappropriate  with any kind of free  political order.


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