In latest years, Islamic banking and finance in Pakistan have skilled exceptional growth. Islamic deposits held by using absolutely-fledged Islamic banks and Islamic home windows of conventional banks at present stand at 9. 7% of total bank deposits inside the United States: meaning that each 10th rupee is now being deposited in an Islamic financial institution account. 

Similarly, assets managed with the aid of a bank providing Islamic economic offerings are eight 9% of banking assets within the USA. General Islamic savings and investment are eight 2% of the full savings and investment in the banking area of Pakistan. 


Consistent with an evaluation, there’s nevertheless the capability of 42 million extra humans in the marketplace for the banking region which they can take hold of. Islam is the important religion in Pakistan and sharia-compliant banking as of today has a completely small marketplace percentage, consequently reflecting a large ability for boom on this zone. Interest-free Islamic banking has won first-rate growth in USA. In previous years and can also similarly amplify by making effective rules and by way of introducing more products. 

Islamic banking in Pakistan is an established industry with a 10% marketplace share achieved in just over a decade. There are 5 complete-fledged Islamic banks and 15 different business banks that function Islamic banking home windows along with conventional banking in Pakistan. 

Deposit mobilization has been lots simpler in Islamic banking in Pakistan in comparison to the usage of deposits to offer finance. Islamic banks with property-sponsored economic products depend tons extra on formally documented production-based totally industries where finance is required for plant and machinery, raw cloth, and industrial system. On the other hand, the financing operations which are overly dependent on asset-sponsored debt-based modes of financing create numerous troubles.


Pakistan is standing as the second one largest Islamic nation within the world wherein Islam is the foremost faith, the populace of second-biggest Islamic kingdom is over one hundred eighty million people and it’s far growing unexpectedly, however, on the other hand, the banking region has best been able to take hold of handiest 20 million customers. A couple of years back Pakistan had the handiest one Islamic financial institution however these days five Islamic banks are doing their operation in the US.

An indicator of Islamic banking and finance in 2015 has been the resilience of Islamic retail banks inside the gulf cooperation council (gcc) nations within the wake of historically low oil charges. The year has confirmed to be a trying out duration for the worldwide Islamic monetary offerings enterprise, with the gradual go out of the likes of Islamic bank of Asia in Singapore and the seen diminishing enthusiasm in Islamic banking and finance of global banks. 

the worldwide Islamic finance record 2015 estimates the dimensions of the worldwide Islamic economic services enterprise at $1.819 trillion at the cease of 2014. This represents 12.6% annual growth over 2013, an increase of $182 billion in absolute phrases. Many Islamic monetary establishments seem amongst pinnacle five banks in their respective international locations. In Pakistan, the largest Islamic financial institution is meezan financial institution, which is fast assuming mainstream prominence. Boom of Islamic banking inside the United States of America has been over 30% within the previous couple of years, that is absolutely above the average international increase fee of Islamic banking and finance. If this fashion maintains, then one have to expect that in the next three years Islamic banking belongings will at the least double from its current size of rs929 billion. 

The newly found out Islamic banking method with the aid of the national financial institution of Pakistan tries to double the variety of Islamic banking branches from 1, two hundred in the subsequent 4 years, and to increase its market proportion from 12% to 17%. Given the massive potential the country has in terms of Islamic banking, increasing the share to 17% is a modest goal. Surely, if Islamic banking fails to achieve 20% percentage in the marketplace by using 2018, with the aid of all indicators, it has did not reach its capacity. 

Still, no Islamic financial institution is in microfinance in Pakistan and no longer even in investment banking. Supporting IPOs with the aid of investment banking operations is in the direction of gratifying ma aid-e-shari’ah than getting trapped in route dependency and debt primarily based product structures.

Islamic banks are on the lookout for a distinct identity for themselves and to showcase their large and marginal effect on the financial system that may legitimize their financial merit over and above the traditional banks. Facilitating ipos via funding banking arms could make them play a powerful position and also pave the way in the direction of expanded use of fairness financing over debt financing in Pakistan. 

In step with edbiz consulting, the call for Islamic banking is as excessive as 95% most of the households on the retail degree. “Call for stands at 73% the various businessmen,” consistent with the sbp survey, which is based on nine,000 families national and consists of banked and non-banked clients and 1,000 corporates.


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