Qatar Crisis – A way to destruction


    Qatar is the world most richest country in the world are currently facing sanctions and embargoes from neighbors.

    A recent move by King Salman will also put strategic impact in the region as newly elected crown prince has keen interest in accepting Israel as a country which definitely laid adverse jolt on the image of kingdom in Muslim world.

    Earlier, Oman took aside in a coalition against Yemen for Air-strike and now Qatar isolated itself from Gulf block. Moreover, Kuwait emerged as neutral state in all this crisis which depicts less reliance on Kingdom.

    Fortunately, Turkey appeared as a leading state and soft-heart for Qatar, supported openly through instant food supplies and save themselves from humanitarian crisis.

    Effect of Qatar crisis on Muslim World

    • Muslims of Gulf become more weaker as distance ample among the states.
    • Israel is the main beneficiary who will take advantage from this chaos.
    • Iran position will be more strong in the region of Arabian peninsula.
    • World losses the attention on Syria which ultimately benefited to Assad regime.
    • A sole supremacy of kingdom in gulf region crunch into different blocks.
    • Pakistan who always stand-up with kingdom, take aside and act as a neutral identity.


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