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An Economic Outlook of Five Major Muslim Countries


These five countries are most probably the next victim of United State. As all are Muslim majority countries and have a potential to lead Muslim Ummah. Saudi Arab has a distinct advantage of two holy sites which attract all Muslims towards KSA. The majority of Muslims performed Hajj at least once in a life, so for this purpose, they have to visit Saudi Arab which created the ideological relationship of every Muslim with this country.

Pakistan is a sole Nuclear state in entire Muslim world. It’s the only country who was created in the name of Islam. Pakistan has a strong military presence and second most populous country in Islamic World.

Turkey owns a great advantage of location, as located in the middle of Europe and Asia. Istanbul economy is the top in the islamic world in terms of GDP. Turkey ruled on today’s several Muslim state for centuries under the ottoman Caliphate.

Egypt is rich in culture. Many old Islamic institutions located there. Recently, regime change enhance country importance as it starts participating in international affairs. Meanwhile, two neighbour countries of Egypt is in war: Libya and Syria. And NATO forces already deployed there. So soon or later, Egypt will face chaos in the country.

Iran has a rich culture, strong army and stable economy. Now, this country is participating in many Muslim countries affair especially in the ongoing Syrian crisis. Iran has predominantly a Shia state, leading many Shia majority countries including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Yemen and Bahrain. Iran has less potential to lead Muslim ummah just because of sectarian difference as Shia constitute only 15% of total Muslim population.


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