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Syrian Kurdistan – Autonomous region


Syrian Kurdistan declared federally administered self autonomous region. This is first move towards Syrian division. It should be an alarming situation for whole Muslim ummah. As Zionist accomplished their first plan and now heading towards second which create more chaos and disaster in Middle East.

If we take a look on timing, that depicts another picture of ongoing crisis in the region. Russia a day before announced withdrawal of its troops from Syria, which totally shocked the whole world. While Putin claimed that his mission in Syria is accomplished. Which raises the question what would be the task assigned by Putin to its military in Syria.

Is that to strengthen Assad’s regime beside independence of Syrian Kurdistan.

Meanwhile, a peace took is going on under the umbrella of United Nation in between Syrian Government and rebels. It’s true that, ISIS is losing grounds with a fast pace in Syria, which is good sign for entire world. But it’s also a reality that current syrian war will put strategic impact on planet Earth.

By passage of time, more things will be cleared and unfortunately syria will face more division which will make Israel more powerful and super power of Middle East.


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